Explanation Of RecallPlus in a Nutshell?

Developed in 2001 by a medical doctor who was preparing to undertake his Emergency Medicine Specialisation Exam, RecallPlus is a unique piece of study software specifically designed to organise student study habit from a haphazard thing, into an efficient optimised procedure. Students will learn faster and improve memory efficiency. They will spend less total time studying but know more.

The only program of its kind in the world, RecallPlus combines 1. Natural Diagram style note-taking with 2. Flashcard-style prompt-answer style testing 3. Study coaching with tips and memory toolbox and it can also 4. Act as a presentation tool with features such as Animation available.

RecallPlus allows students to make their notes as sets of linked multi-layered diagrams. This is a lot closer to the way we think about things than being forced to think in traditional paper note format. Adding images, drawings and sound is a breeze. Student notes will finally be interesting and memorable. RecallPlusí flashcard-style testing then tests the student on their diagrams, keeps track of what they know and what they donít and then re-tests as needed on things forgotten, especially the things students give higher weight to.

Following RecallPlusí revision schedule allows 1. Students to constantly know how their latest learning is going 2. Minimal amounts of revision for maximum learning (tests only what is needed, when it is needed) 3. Student to review how their overall study is going - study progress graphs outline what is known and what is not 4. Predictions of study outcomes ... how much will they know come exam day!

RecallPlus has been used successfully to get top marks in exams using either continuous study method or when cramming is a studentís speciality. Obviously however, for longer term memory, continuous low level study is best.

Given the background of the developer and the programís graphic capabilities, RecallPlus is particularly suited to students of the medical and health sciences who rely on complex diagrams and diagnostic processes in their study - and subsequently in their professional lives. However, the program may also be used to plan essays and brainstorm.

RecallPlus is truly on the cutting edge of study skills in the 21st Century, and we are certain that your students could benefit greatly from the system and skills RecallPlus teaches/coaches/and optimises. And at an affordable $US49.95, it is within the reach of most student budgets!