Why would you want to join?

  1. If you have a RecallPlus ReferralID, you can give it to your friends, and they will then receive a discount!
  2. You will gain commission on sales that are registered to your ReferralID.

How to join

Step 1. Read our
Affiliate Agreement, and checkout our Affiliate Problem Behaviour webpages.

Step 2. Email us at AffiliateJoin@RecallPlus.com
Including the following information
         a) Name, Address, Email (real email, not .hotmail.com etc).
         b) Roughly how you wish to promote RecallPlus.
         c) Agreement that you will abide by the Affiliate Agreement
         d) Agreement that you will not engage in sales activities that would be seen by a reasonable third party as being aggressive rather than service oriented.
         e) Email of a third person who can attest to your character.
         f) A copy of text of Affiliate agreement attached to text of the email.

Step 3. Wait for our reply and hopefully that will be with a valid ReferralID, AffiliateID and Password.

Promotion Material

Here is a link to a quick explanation of RecallPlus that may be of use.

Here is a link to some images that may be of use.

Link to 'Pad File' = program description