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After many emails and requests, the RecallPlus Team is proud to announce our Affiliate program is now active.
We can issue you with a ReferralID, which when used at purchase by your customer, allows them a small discount, and allows us to track your sales result and therefore commission.

If you are an educator you may wish to direct any commission to your educational institution or some other worthy cause.

You are now able to log on to follow your sales events, commissions due and payments made to your nominated account.

If you are interested in joining our program, please email us at

You will need to agree to the Affiliate Agreement, prior to being issued with a ReferralID.
Summary main points of the Affiliate Agreement
You agree to attempting as best as possible to abide by a 'win win win' spirit to this association with EvolutionCode and our users.
You can advertise the discount your customers will receive if they type in your issued ReferralID, at your website or business-consumer interface.
You may not email your ReferralID to those you have not personally met face to face or who have not specifically requested it and you will not receive any commission on sales induced from the point discovery of activities such as this.
You receive commission percentage relevant to your ReferralID on a monthly basis, proportional to the number of people who purchase RecallPlus Study Software. This is based on how many users use your ReferralID at time of purchase.
You will place with every reference to the ReferralID that you have been issued , a link to the RecallPlus website, so that users can find out more about what RecallPlus is about.

What is the ReferralID
It is a Code... for example 'Bre889', which is typed in at the time the user purchases to get a discount.
We issue you with a ReferralID after agreeing with you on a typical commission percentage, expiry date (typically 1 month) and discount for users (typically $US5).

If you are interested in participating, please contact us at