After Purchase

When you purchase RecallPlus, you own the licence to that Edition/Version forever.

When you purchased, you nominated an Email address. When you first Activate RecallPlus you also nominate a Password.

Steps to a working copy of RecallPlus:
Please check you have done the following...
  1. Download the trial version of RecallPlus from the website.
  2. Run the SetupRecallPlus... program that you downloaded, to setup the trial on your computer.
  3. Purchase the Licence to Activate RecallPlus by either
    • Clicking on the 'Own in 5 Minutes' button at the website; OR
    • Clicking on the purchase link in the Program.
  4. In the RecallPlus Program, click on Activate, then follow the instructions to use the Email and Password that you nominate to activate copies of RecallPlus.
    You do have to be online for about 30 seconds to activate.
You can use that Email and Password combination to activate further copies for yourself and your dependents*.

To Activate more copies on other computers for use by you or your family, simply run 'SetupRecallPlus...' on the new computer, thereby setting up Evaluation Edition, and then activate it using the Email and Password that you selected. No messy keys to store and remember!
You do have to be online for about 30 seconds to activate.

In addition to owning that Version and Edition, you ALSO have the rights to newer versions that are released in the following 12 months.

While you are welcome to copy SetupRecallPlus to a CD for your convenience, because RecallPlus updates come out in response to user feedback, it is not a very useful thing to do. We would suggest you re-download and run the latest, newest SetupRecallPlus release rather than use the old as there will no doubt be some useful improvements that you or your peers have requested to making learning even faster!

You receive the latest and greatest updates written in response to feedback from people like you, for FREE.

If during install, you ticked that you would like to receive notifications of updates, then we will email you periodically with information about major upgrades. If you would like to change the email address that we send this to or your status as far as receiving updates, then please email us.

*Dependents refers to a single or couple of adults in a long term relationship + students under the age of 18