RecallPlus Study Software can allow you to ANIMATE your notes!! with Expert Edition!

Add a totally new way of learning those more difficult to remember things!
Make your notes spin, flash, yell at you, jump around or whatever you like!

Introducing the new 'Animation' features of RecallPlus.

RecallPlus allows you to add 4 broad Animation Events to the elements on your cards.

1. Movement including Rotation and Re-Sizing.
2. Color changes including visible and invisible functionality.
3. Button events... where an action on any of your Card objects e.g. mouse over or mouse click, allows you to 'trigger' an event of your choice.. e.g. 'play a tune' or move an object etc.
4. Time events... looping of your animation can make it play forever.

Learn faster With RecallPlus study software by enhancing your study with our Animation functionality!!
See our new tutorial chapter to get an idea of what is possible!!!