Report a bug found by you

If you have had RecallPlus tell you that there has been an error in the program or you have had a problem with the functionality of RecallPlus, please let us know.

We have a priority system in place for dealing with these kinds of issues.

Priority 1 is a problem which results in actual loss of more than 5 minutes worth of a user's data. This is obviously very serious and we need to know about these immediately.
The first user who can actually can show how to reproduce a given problem that results in this serious kind of problem is likely to earn themselves an Amazon gift voucher as a 'thank you'.

Priority 2 is a problem which results in more than 5 mins of wasted user time. e.g. they did not know how to do something or something of that nature.
Included here would be any re-installation problems, setup problems etc.

Priority 3 is for improving the tutorials, and understandability of the product.

Priority 4 is given to user requests for improvements that will help many users. The reward given here to the users who suggest these is that mostly they will actually receive the update with their suggestion in it for free.

Priority 5 is for other... of which there are many possibilities.

This system, as you can imagine, is used to employ the RecallPlus team most usefully to improve your experience.

The RecallPlus Team.

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