Options for Distributing Content in RecallPlus

Free handouts - no cost/time to produce. No cost for students to view.

If you are an educator who wants to start moving forward and improving your student's chances by creating some content in RecallPlus format there is a huge shortcut we are offering right now.
You can do this for free AND let us do the hard work for you, converting the format over.
Your students can view your chapters without purchasing RecallPlus.

Specifically we are happy to do the conversion for you for FREE from the digital format your notes/handouts are presently in, to the RecallPlus 'Standard' Chapter format.
(We will simply use 'Smart Split' functionality of RecallPlus, do a little fine tuning, and email them back).

Students do NOT have to purchase RecallPlus to review the notes you hand out.
(Evaluation version of RecallPlus- a FREE download- allows viewing of Standard Chapters even after expiry of the evaluation period).
The content continues to be owned entirely by the educator/institution that produced it.

For full details of FREE content format conversion offer ... please click *Here*

NB we recommend that students will benefit as much from 'templates' that they need to fill in as detailed notes on a subject - adding to the templates will help learning.

Selling content with copy protection.

If you are an educator who owns content in some digital format, it is likely of value and if you wish you can sell that online without worrying that it will be infinitely copied without being paid for.
RecallPlus subscribable chapter format allows only the user who purchased your content to use it on his/her computer(s).

Again we are happy to offer you FREE conversion of your format into RecallPlus Chapter format. From your point of view you simply need to send us the Chapter and name a reasonable price for that content. Remember that it should be reasonable/good value for money for the buyer. We will not promote it on your behalf if it is not.

Users download a 'Subscribable' form of your Chapter, which allows them a preview only of it, and then, assuming they want to use it for study, they may purchase. Most of sale price goes to content owner.

The Chapter, once subscribed to, can be copied to that user's other computers, but if it is given to a third party, will not open on their computer. Copyright is protected by the software itself, rather than wishful thinking that the law might intervene.

Even though the content may be distributed from the RecallPlus website or at least paid for there, it continues to be owned entirely by the educator/institution that produced it.

For more details see