RecallPlus Study Software - Organize your time in the lead up to an Exam with RecallPlus Expert Edition!

Lots to learn and limited time?
Predict your study time needs with RecallPlus.

If you have an exam coming up, are you going to have enough time to

  1. Go through all the material you need to learn once...
  2. AND Revise it all...
  3. AND Make sure your revision results in you knowing enough of it to get through?

Are you happy to stay in the dark and hope that, as you study, you haven't forgotten what you have already been over, and that come the exam, that everything is in your head, and not just in your notes?

RecallPlus study Software Expert Edition can watch your studying with it for a short time, and then, using what it has seen, can 'be you' up until the exam you are studying for.

You can work out what your time needs are, for new note taking vs revision, all the way up to the exam.

What the study report can tell you

What study results can it show you?

Example report

See a copy of a report that RecallPlus Produces.

How it works

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Limitations of the Simulations and what we suggest.

What are the limitations of the simulation?

Image of study simulation 'setup window'
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This study simulation Window allows you to choose when your exam is, how you are going to use your time... and can then show you what will happen