RecallPlus study and note-taking software features

RecallPlus has a number of great features that makes it the perfect study software to get you organized and learning faster today.

RecallPlus will have you learning faster through

  • Organizing your notes in to concept maps and flash cards

  • Enhancing visual learning processes

  • Automatically testing you on the notes you have created before you forget

  • Simply using RecallPlus to study with will automatically make your study skills 'best practice' without doing days of study skills research!

  • Knock your socks off! - Animate your notes to make them unforgettable!

  • RecallPlus will also help to organize and plan your study by

  • Predicting your future study time requirements

  • Reminding you of your next study break at the optimal time

  • Allowing you to reorganize your notes efficiently in any way imaginable.

  • RecallPlus will enhance and make your study more efficient through

  • Importing notes from wordprocessed documents - Smart Splitting

  • Import any file type!

  • Allowing others to view your notes + Export functionality.

  • Shortcut keys to make your notetaking extra efficient!

  • RecallPlus also allows you to

  • Share the notes you make in RecallPlus with your friends for FREE

  • Add voice recordings to your notes in seconds

  • Draw all over your notes with integrated drawing tools

  • At RecallPlus we offer

  • Free Trial - Simply download and install from our website for a free evaluation!

  • Affordable for students no matter what your budget

  • RecallPlus Guarantee

  • Superb study and technical support

  • User driven improvements