Organization of your notes is a key learning step!

Did you know that the process of organizing the material you plan to study is a very important stage in studying?
The experts say and have proven that the simple act of organizing the material you are learning, in itself actually makes things 'stick' in your memory.
This is because the act of organizing, is 'deeper processing' than rote learning.

RecallPlus makes it easy to organize your notes into colorful and memorable Concept Maps.
Each Concept Map is on a separate page (or 'Card').
All of the Cards are added to the knowledge tree automatically, and so your notes become a tree of Concept Maps!

Once you have completed each Concept Map (on a Card) RecallPlus will then automatically test you on the notes that you created. To see how RecallPlus plus tests you click here click here.
RecallPlus study software makes it easy 
to organise you study notes into Concept Maps stimulating the visual learning 
centre in the brain. Concept Mapping imitates the how the brain works and links 
'Ideas' by 'Associations' to get your learning faster today