Allowing others to view your notes OR Exporting your RecallPlus notes.

Because RecallPlus can be used by people for viewing Standard RecallPlus Chapters without purchasing, you don't have to export your notes to other formats for users who have not purchased RecallPlus.
They can view your notes, with their sound, animations and diagrams, by simply downloading the Evaluation Edition of RecallPlus and using it as a viewer.
Only testing and editing is limited.

RecallPlus allows you to copy any notes you make and paste them directly into any typical wordprocessing or presentation package... e.g. Word or Powerpoint.

Simply select the items you want to capture as an image and choose 'Copy as Bitmap'.

Then paste to the program you want.

You can also create a set of webpages, by choosing file->export.
These can be clicked through sequentially without effort.

Great for creating models or flowcharts to add to your assignments.

Coming soon... export as word document.