Share you notes with friends for free

Do you study with your friends?

Did you know that you can simply and easily share the notes you make with the full version of RecallPlus with as many people as you like.

Simply have your friends visit our website and download the free 14 day trial version of RecallPlus. By downloading the trial version of RecallPlus not only will your friends be able to view your notes, they will be able to create and edit their own notes until the evaluation period expires.

Once they have downloaded our software simply save the files you wish to share to disk and have your friends save them to their computer and simply double click on the file and away you go.

Remember once the evaluation period has finished, do not delete RecallPlus or any notes that you have made, as you will still able to view these, however you will not be able to edit existing or create new notes.

Once you purchase RecallPlus you will be able to edit and create as many notes as you like, as well as import any notes that you made in the evaluation version.