RecallPlus Study Software tests you on your notes, making it the perfect study partner!

RecallPlus not only helps you to organize and create your notes, it will test you and keep track of what you know and what you don't as well.

RecallPlus takes advantage of the 'Spacing Effect' and aims to test you on your information a minimal number of times, at ideal intervals, before you can forget them, to make the strongest memories we can for you.

During quick testing phase you mark the Ideas you did not remember and RecallPlus will work harder on these with you during the next testing cycle. By testing you only on the information you can't remember you are optimizing the time you spend studying.

Donít revise/retest/go over what you already know... it is a waste of time!!!
Studying without RecallPlus will cause you to have to do this as most people cannot remember what they cannot remember and therefore have to revise all of it.

RecallPlus offers a number of testing options in addition to automatic testing. RecallPlus also allows you activate the testing manually, so if you have an exam coming up, you can test yourself on demand, making sure you haven't missed any thing by revising the information before the exam.

Usually you will find that the items on the 'Study Progress Graphs' that RecallPlus say you 'know', if you check them, you really will know them!

RecallPlus study software automatically tests you on your study notes before you have a chance to forget