FREE content conversion offer...

If you are an educator who wants to start moving forward and improving your student's chances by creating some content in RecallPlus format OR you are an Author who is interested in selling content over the internet, there is a huge shortcut we are offering right now.

You can do this for free AND let us do the hard work for you, converting the format over.

As you probably know, your students can view your chapters without purchasing RecallPlus.
(Evaluation version of RecallPlus- a FREE download- allows viewing of Standard Chapters even after expiry of the evaluation period).

In January February 2005, we are happy to do the conversion for you for FREE from the digital format your notes/handouts are presently in, to the RecallPlus 'Standard' Chapter format. (We will simply use 'Smart Split' functionality of RecallPlus, do a little fine tuning, and email them back).

You will therefore get a good feel for how students will benefit from you distributing notes in this format.

The content continues to be owned entirely by the educator/institution that produced it.

NB limitation on this offer
The RecallPlus team is offering this in good faith and as such it is subject to 'reasonable use' restrictions.