Free Talks - Feb 2005

We can come to you to show you RecallPlus

The RecallPlus Team is experienced at speaking to groups including teachers, parents and student gatherings of various sizes. We are happy to do these introductory or practical demonstration talks without cost to the educational institution involved.

Student Talks

We have previously spoken with groups of students between 20 and 600 in size.
We would suggest the time we spend talking to larger groups be typically very short - an introduction only, with a suggestion that further information is available in smaller group settings. Questions should be kept for after the large gathering, or for the actual small group meetings.

We would suggest initially the smaller groups be 'for those who are interested'.

Methods for organising smaller meetings include.

  • Announcements at assembly
  • Newsletters
  • Communications with Parents
  • Other Communications with Students
  • Reminders in the classrooms themselves where teachers are interested in helping out their group in particular.

Teacher Parent Talks

We have previously spoken to teachers and parent/teacher gatherings for brief periods with very positive impressions returned.
Since we believe our product is of huge value, and after a brief introduction so do our audience, it generally is not a 'sales thing' as much as a brief introduction+-demo followed by question time. It is our experience that the former is about 10-15 mins, and the latter determines the length of time the talk goes for.

Make a time to meet...

Please take advantage of this offer to talk to your interested parties for free by choosing a time as soon as possible.

Simply email us at