Gatherer - efficient notetaking from online learning sources

Gatherer is a new program, suggested by users to be added to the present RecallPlus options.

Gatherer is designed to allow those who have a lot of material online to learn from, to make notes for themselves from those online sources by simply copying key words to RecallPlus, without the need to actually re-type them out.

Gatherer is presently prototypal, and as such is bundled with RecallPlus.

It will be released separately in coming weeks.

Those who have purchased RecallPlus before that date will of course be able to upgrade to the latest full version with the release version of 'Gatherer' bundled without further expense.

Those who purchase RecallPlus after release will have the choice of purchasing RecallPlus or RecallPlus + Gatherer bundle.

Naturally beyond that date, purchasing RecallPlus and Gatherer separately will cost more than simply purchasing the bundle.

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