AFTER download - DO these hands on animated tutorials to start learning faster in minutes...

The simple act of using RecallPlus the way it is supposed to be used, will improve your study skills and learning method automatically!

Each Tutorial takes less than 5 mins... but will save you heaps of study time!

The Basics of the study method. - shows starting a chapter, starting a card, editing text, adding ideas, adding associations, shortcut Ctrl-D, changing idea characteristics, dragging ideas and associations.

Quick Notes - boost visual memory usage! - Covers pasting sound files, pasting images, pasting text from a wordprocessor, automatically changing wordprocessed notes into diagrams, auto arranging, use of wormholes, the knowledge tree and tabbed views.

Testing And Revision - Optimize study for exams with streamlined revision. - Covers quickly creating a card using Ctrl-M, opening the revision and testing window, what is available in the revision/testing window, use of the study progress graph, basic testing and marking.

Drawing and Adding Graphics - stimulate your visual learning skills further. - Shows how to draw on the screen in RecallPlus.

Installation and Purchase of FIRST copy of RecallPlus - Own RecallPlus in less than 5 mins. - Covers the steps involved with installing and purchasing and upgrading/activating RecallPlus for the first time, and then reminds you to store the UserID and Password for your subsequent copies (users purchase once, but may have multiple copies after they are allocated a UserID and Password).

Install subsequent copies FREE. After a user has purchased 1 copy of RecallPlus, they are then allowed multiple copies for personal use. This tutorial shows how to install second and subsequent copies using the UserID and Password created as a result of completion of activation/upgrade of your first copy.

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