Help using the RecallPlus Program

There are 4 major forms of help available from the help dropdown menu item in the RecallPlus Program itself!

1. 'Hands On Tutorial' - a definite must for first time users... will get you familiar with 75% of what you need to use.
You can Search the tutorial as with any RecallPlus Chapter file.

2. Online 'Flash ' interactive step by step demos of the program - interactive - add to the basics discussed in the 'Hands on Tutorial'.

3. Windows Style Help file - this is the comprehensive searchable help that is the equivalent of a 'manual' on RecallPlus.
Go to 'Search' for terms or simply look through the index of subjects discussed.

4. Introductory Flash Demo - explains overview of what RecallPlus is about... if you have not already a fair idea.

There are 3 major ways to find out about using RecallPlus through the website

1. Search RecallPlus website for keywords - click here or "search site" is an option under "resources".

2. Search discussion forum - click here or use link on left side menu on every page of website.

3. Online Chat - chat directly with support online.

Below is a screen capture from program when running the 'Hands On Tutorial' - explaining help options.