3060 - The security upgrade to protect our new users !!
Smaller improvements but more important for our regular users - as requested!
Tablet related initial upgrades... still working on inking.
Right click functionality - context menu and drag card surface.
Tablet Aid window
Tablet related options added to preferences.

Improved testing... mark as you go, mark ALL as right, wrong or incorrect

Ability to change font of multiple ideas at once added.

Select Ideas --> export to word, pdf or html formats - ideal for creating essays from a diagram !!

Fix to interface... the windows had a memory leak which when multiple instances of RecallPlus were opened, resulted in GDI overusage... problem was with component purchased from supplier!.

3050's Issues addressed

This release includes new support for
1. Animating your notes... specifically you can add the following
Dynamic changing
Size Change,
Color Change,
Visiblity Change,
Buttons do Do Actions on activation by mouse click/double click/right click/mouseover --> actions can be of various types,
Timer events so that looping of the above activities can occur.

2. Floating color picker

3. Polygons including filled and not filled for making full shapes

There are also 2 bug fixes of importance which caused freezing of the previous versions of RecallPlus when Ctrl-A was pressed when viewing the Revision and Testing window.

Other recent edition updates include the release of the Expert edition with the study simulations that allow RecallPlus to simulate being the user up to an exam date and see how they go.
ExpertEditionAndTheSimulation.asp at the website

Fullscreen, toggle toolbars and docking windows.

Improvements to the graphical interface 'Metadraw' are allowing us to improve the 'shadowing' of elements.

We hope you find this new improved product to be worthy of your use

3040's Issues addressed
An undo bug was found with version and we have been tracking it with the help of some users who were able to intermittently reproduce this problem and kindly sent us their log files so that our search was narrowed considerably. Thanks very much for that help!
This has been fixed.

4 Different Methods for having a background picture now exist - firstly the image that is selectable, that you are already familiar with, secondly an unselectable image type, which is easier to e.g. add labels to etc, a background fixed and background floating types... that are truely in the background not on the card surface.
More sophistication has been added to 'auto backup' and restore with backup occurring to different files if restart or an error is noted.
Backup is also to the primary file every second cycle.

Next update will have our first 'Animation Design' functionality available to 'Expert Edition' users... and visible to view in the tutorials which are going to be moved exclusively to a RecallPlus chapter format from the present online ones.

Problem with 'Next Test' re-docking the Revision and Testing Window Fixed.

3030's Issues addressed
Expert edition release... see pages on predicting your study time needs. Further improvements to this study time need predictive capacity will be released over time... we aim ultimately have some of our staff dedicated to this functionality alone... as it is very important. We are looking for your support to improve this. We need you to email us your 'forgetting curves' files periodically, so that we can accumulate 'typical' forgetting rates for many people, to incorporate into the 'defaults' of the program.

Double click on color selector buttons to auto select the last color again... speeds up your color selections to make making memorable cards faster.

Improved options in smart split including split by line into parallel or serial ideas, and Split into entirely unrelated cards, rather than only using wormholes.

Print flashcards more easily with our 'back side' of flashcard printing functionality. Specifically, print out your cards, then select 'flashcard' in the print dialog, place the printed sheets upside down but same way up and print the 'back sides' of the cards. You will shortly be able to add a number and a title to the cards also.

Better linking of associations to your ideas. The Associations previously used to connect to the midpoint of the ideas, but we now connect to the 'nearside' which is more natural and useful.

Fixes for reported problems - thanks for the feedback!
Intermittent GDI leak when saving images... workaround developed... requested supplier of graphical component fix problem. Previously this problem resulted in some graphical components going blank in RecallPlus, until the program was closed and re-opened. Affected only heavy importers of images... including RecallPlus team members! No data loss involved, but annoying problem.

Wormhole this idea and child, now uses private clipboard, doesn't interfere with public clipboard, AND takes with it the enhancers that you are using to improve your memory for the ideas that are going down the wormhole.
Still looking for bug induced apparently by completing the addition of an enhancer, either a text or a circle enhancer... if anyone has any idea how to reproduce this bug, then please let us know.

3020's The issues addressed include

Standard chapters are now viewable by the Evaluation Edition of the program. This means that educators can distribute notes freely without the students actually purchasing RecallPlus.
Students will learn faster due to the proven benefits of using more images/diagrams and the ability to organize notes in the way which reflects how one thinks about a topic.
The students however cannot edit nor test themselves on the notes until they upgrade.
Therefore there are advantages over paper/wordprocessed notes and more if they upgrade.

Addition of an image and sound library.
Addition of improved MP3 recording and EDITING.
Between the 2 of these, you have the ability to learn and study more efficiently because of the increased 'wow' factor you can easily add to your notes...

We have added a data security measure... specifically the temp directory stores for a week at a time, a .bak copy of your chapters.
You are still advised to backup as usual, however this measure makes it increasingly unlikely irrespective of the problem's source, for you to end up losing more than 15 mins of work even if you have a complete power loss !

Chapters can now be compressed to approximately 1/10 of their previous size... for more details see compression in the 'windows style help'. Mostly you will NOT use this feature as it doubles save time... but if you are emailing chapters to friends....

Bug fixes include improved saving of images. There was a bug where re-loading of images at times didn't work. This was a fault of the graphics component we have purchased for you. We have a workaround for it, and if any user has a 'blank' image, we can retrieve it for you, from your chapter, if you send us that chapter. There is no actual data loss.
There was also a problem with saving of text enhancers, where there was a size change that occurred if you zoom back and forth and save repeatedly. This appears to have been partially resolved in the latest release of the graphics component independantly of our efforts. We have added a workaround for the remaining error in the component.

As usual please let us know ASAP if you have further requests or find an issue you would like addressed.

3.009 - Upgrade 'hands on tutorial'. Minor bug fixes (move focus with manual resize mode change). Code signed by thawte.
3.008 - Upgrade 'hands on tutorial'. Minor bug fixes (rect/circle message removed).
3.007 - Right click options added to knowledge Tree. Auto re-arrange completed for template ideas. Minor fix for recently used files. Minor upgrade of tutorial chapter.
3.006 - Major re-write
      Use of graphics library 'metadraw', list/grid 'tlist' and dockstudioXP.       Updates in line with Requests including maths symbols dialog.
2.930 - Fixed bug in storage of images - some images lost under certain circumstances if file > 3 meg
2.803 - Cut and Paste Images from Internet Explorer - further improvement of cut and paste from net
2.802 - Improved cut and paste from the net.
2.801 - Change to default addition of invisible connects = better ability to use RecallPlus as an organiser.
2.800 - Improved speed.
2.797 - Improved cursor control. Self organising features. Improved speed.
2.794 - Resizing improved for smaller screens, Tutorial Accessible from start menu, Export of cards as HTML completed.
2.792 - Start Menu Items for Win98/ME added. Uninstall from Add/Remove Programs. Tips upgrade.
2.790 - Fix chapter overlap test sequence problem.
Fix scrolling text. Detect entry of credit key as password in upgrade. Improved minimise/maximise
2.784 - Graph of study progress. Ability to function on Network added. Export learning progress added.
2.780 - uninstall added. more comprehensive tutorial chapter.

2.725 - curved connects added
2.720 - improved new chapter start
2.715 - Fixed occas resize bug
2.710 - (6th May 03)
Re-associate Selected Graphics Items.

2.700 - (3rd May 03)
More reliable addition of connects (thanks tatiana).
Resize bug 2 fixed.
Minimize bug fixed

2.695 -Rare NextTest bug fixed.

2.690 - Minor Resize Image Bug fixed

2.685 - Easy connect by clicking on new textbox < 1 second later
Easy connect delete by doubleclicking

2.680 - minor menu bugs*2 corrected
2.675 - menu and preferences update thanks to thanh.
fixed minor paste and delete sequence problem
fixed minor fast key combination problem.
2.670 - more standard resizing of images.
toolbars no longer always on top of all programs
default text size is implemented
ability to select images as part of area select corrected.
re-associate bug fixed.
Extra large card fixed scroll implemented
smarter cursor jump
smarter text addition.
2.665 - Screen selection now possible - cut and paste multiple objects at once.
Faster transition to Addgraphic.
2.660 - Better tips and breaks (but also easier to disable).Smoothing of and better initiation of lines. Better minimize maximise functionality. Better undo and added REDO.More fast combination keys for lecture work. Smarter auto connect box. More intuitive mouse cursor changes.

2.655 - Made more friendly. Minor bugfix when adding new textboxes from primary dialog.
2.650 - Evidence suggests limiting the number of links from one prompt is good ->Emphasis now on adding more of the links sequentially 'Chaining' and also more 'Chunking' recommended.
Further 'Accelerator key's added' Ctrl D, Ctrl H. Ctrl N is now 'New Card'
Right clicking in Test Mode now does a 'fast completion of card', making it more practical.

2.645 - ConnectTO button - decreasing need to change textedit focus. flashing multiconnect. safe pasting of hyperlinks. cut option in major chapter modifications box.
If you are interested you can now trial the new version even if your old version is expired (7 day trial period).

2.640 - Faster responsiveness on large pages due to decreased numbers of refresh events.
Dynamic updates of Font details. Drag and Drop now available in Edit Text Mode.

2.635 - Problem with Registry addressed from 2.630 (apologies for this bug escaping our attention)
Ability to move Full Version of RecallPlus from one computer to another when a
user finds they wish to change their primary computer.

2.630 - Fast Drawing of lines introduced... lag time in free drawing fixed.