How do I begin my study with RecallPlus?

To begin your study with RecallPlus, you firstly need to learn the RecallPlus Glossary. In this glossary, there are five important words: chapter, card, idea, association and enhancer.

Firstly, remember that we know already that a concept map is the diagram of a thought. Secondly, it follows that a number (either large or small) of concept maps which are linked together should create an overarching topic of study.

In the organizational structure of RecallPlus, a complete topic of study is called a chapter. This is what RecallPlus considers one complete file. Each chapter (that is, each overarching topic) is made up of multiple concept maps (that is, thoughts) - and RecallPlus calls each individual concept map a card. Therefore, the first important relationship within RecallPlus' organizational structure is this: A chapter is one topic constructed of multiple cards. A card is one concept map about one component thought.

So: to begin your study with RecallPlus, you need to firstly open and name a new chapter, and designate where on your computer you would like the chapter saved.

Once your chapter has been named and saved, RecallPlus will give you a blank card on which to begin your first concept map.

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