How do I make a concept map?

There are three parts to a concept map:

1. Ideas.
2. Associations.
3. Objects owned by the ideas.

These three parts work in the following way:

1. The ideas are the main thoughts - the main component parts of the overarching topic. The ideas appear as text inside a shape.
2. The associations illustrate the relationship(s) between the ideas – for example, and arrow between one idea and the next is an association between those two ideas.
3. The objects owned by the ideas are enhancers: they can be graphics, images, sounds or links to other cards. These serve to enhance your memory of the idea.

To begin your concept map, you must double-click on the background of your first blank card. This double-click will create a text box, into which you type your first idea. This idea can be long or short. It is entirely up to you.

After you have created your first idea, you will then double-click again on the background of the card to create your second idea. You can place this second idea anywhere you like in relation to the first idea.

To make an association between ideas, you must click first on the idea at which the association begins, and then click within one second on the idea to which the association should progress. This will create an arrow between the two ideas. The arrow is the visual association bewteen the two ideas.

To enhance an idea, you must firstly click on the idea you’d like to enhance. Then, you can use any of the enhancers shown along the toolbar at the bottom of the screen: you can draw shapes or pictures, you can record sounds, you can create a hyperlink (called a ‘wormhole) to another card, you can import images or other information from a different place on your computer (this can be from any other program, not just RecallPlus) – in essence, you can do whatever you would like to make the information you are trying to learn more memorable.

Repeat this process for each idea and association in your study topics.

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