How does RecallPlus test me?

As previously discussed, RecallPlus uses a flashcard-style process to test you. This testing is not done in a ‘Question-and-Answer’ format. Instead, you will be tested on each idea in your concept maps.

Every time you complete a card in RecallPlus, that card is marked by the program for testing. Then, when a minimum amount of time has passed, RecallPlus tests you on that card.

Basically, in testing mode, RecallPlus begins with the first idea in your concept map, and then prompts you to remember what comes next according to your very own arrows of association. Any enhancers you have built into your concept map are also shown as part of the prompting of your memory.

At the end of your test, it is up to you to be honest in marking yourself. You tell RecallPlus yourself which ideas in each concept map you had difficulty remembering, and RecallPlus will make a special note of those ideas and test you on them more regularly than the information you are you not forgetting.

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