How often does RecallPlus test me?

RecallPlus determines how often to test you according to a principle called the “spacing effect”.

Most students tend to revise their study materials very haphazardly. Experts on learning and studying, however, recommend that students revise their study materials at optimal intervals, thus reducing the number of times revision is required while still building the student’s retention of the information.

The way that this works is that each test is spaced further away from the last. For example, you have your first test on a particular card only one (1) hour after you complete that card. However, your next test on that card may be two (2) hours after that, and then your third test four (4) hours after that.

In essence, by spacing out your tests to optimal intervals, RecallPlus ensures that you are more likely to retain the information you are studying while also reducing the amount of revising that you do in total.

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