RecallPlus and My Institution

Introducing RecallPlus to your institution is a matter of small steps.

Ultimately there are 2 initial interventions we would recommend once you have satisfied yourself of the superior study practices which RecallPlus will encourage your students to follow.
Firstly make students aware of RecallPlus as an source of study assistance.
Secondly make some notes available in RecallPlus format (which is effortless on your part -see below).

A. Make your students and parents aware RecallPlus is a study help option.

NB RecallPlus is a FREE download and trial, so there is no downside to checking it out!

Avenues for doing this include...


  • To start with you might wish to simply use these avenues to ask students and/or parents what they think of the product... and that you want their opinion to guide you.
  • Once you get more comfortable with the results of RecallPlus you will, we expect, wish to make the more positive suggestion that trying it out is something they really should be doing.

B. Provide course notes in RecallPlus format.
                     No effort is required on your part.

NB When educators make notes for distribution, the students can view them for FREE.
It is FREE for educators to get notes automatically converted from whatever digital format they have constructed them in.
For more information...

Let us come and talk to you

The RecallPlus Team is experienced at speaking about the product to small and large groups of students, educators and parents. We would be happy to give either an introductory or practical demonstration of the product in any time block between 10 and 50 minutes that you feel is suitable to any of these 3 groups.
Let us know if you are interested in this option


We guarantee better online and telephone support than any other software product you care to name!
This includes 24/7 phone support, and 6 days per week, 22 hours per day online immediate chat service with our staff. Please take advantage of it !!
We are also happy to physically visit you when you think it would help.


By simply suggesting to students that they review RecallPlus (which is free), you are offering them a chance to change their entire future, because a student who knows he/she can learn easily is a different one to the one that is fearful of failure in this world!