Mind MapsŪ and Concept Maps

What is a Mind Map

Mind maps are a method of organising and visualising concepts in someones mind in a diagramatic format invented by Tony Buzan in the 1960's. 'Mind map' itself is a registered trademark.

What is a Concept Map

A concept map is virtually the same thing as a Mind Map, but is a universally recognised set of concepts and the associations between them as opposed to one person's idea or thoughts. The words 'Concept Map' are not registered as a trademark.

Why would I want to make a Mind Map or Concept Map

Single Maps are useful for organising your thoughts about a topic or planning things.
Also for a number of reasons, if you make Mind map type notes it is proven that you are more likely to recall them than if you made traditional text only notes.
The reasons why this is so include:
1) Visually stimulating notes are more memorable.
2) The actual process of organising notes makes them more likely to be remembered.
3) Mind maps link information in a mannor that imitates the way the mind links information together.

Links to Information about Mind map advantages:
James Cook University
University Greenwich: Problems with conventional notes - Mindmapping - Advantages/Disadvantages
Tony Buzan's website

How do I make a Mind Map

Aston University Birminghem: Mind Mapping Step by Step
University of Greenwich: Notetaking skills-How to make a Mind Map
James Cook University: How to make a Mind Map
Buzan: How to make a Mind Map

Mind Maps and RecallPlus

See - Comparisons to RecallPlus

RecallPlus allows you to make diagrams that are similar to Mind maps. They do not follow the exact rules that a Mind Map follows but we thnk the advantages are similar.
The diagrams are also similar to concept maps and flow diagrams depending on how you set them out.
In addition the Flashcard type testing functions as a hybrid are completely unique to RecallPlus.
RecallPlus allows making of these visually simulating diagrams to be done very quickly with the addition of keyboard shortcuts, almost eliminating the need for a mouse.

Because the program is designed from the ground up as something that deals with SETS of diagrams, if you are looking at taking notes in diagrammatic style, RecallPlus has distinct advantages.
1) You can organise SETs of diagrams into Chapters.
2) You can open multiple Chapters of Diagrams.
3) You can Search through all of your Notes (SETs of Diagrams).
4) RecallPlus organises your revision of your notes as a competent Flashcard program does.


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