Basic situation... FREE functionality to help your child study for exams

You want the best possible for your child and you know that their self belief is critical to their development.

If there is one thing that RecallPlus can provide them above all else, it is a situation where it easy to perform well during learning and study. More children fail to excel because they do not know how to study, than because they are unable to learn.

RecallPlus study software improves study skills in 10 ways. Even one will improve outcomes!

RecallPlus viewer functionality is FREE. Extra functionality including testing, monitoring and study feedback has a trial period of free usage.

Ultimately when teachers produce notes in RecallPlus for your child, they will be able to be viewed for FREE even if you do not elect to purchase the program. This will mean your child has a more interesting medium to learn in than typically seen with 'handouts'. Using this free functionality will aid your child's learning.

Added benefit if you purchase...

When you do purchase RecallPlus, not only will it allow you to view the teacher's notes, but also RecallPlus will manage your child's learning of that material. With the steady feedback from RecallPlus, he or she will become more proficient at studying.

The positive experiences create a situation where a child who might have been limited by their average expectations of themselves, suddenly finds that learning is not an issue, and so their boundaries disappear.

From your point of view, as a parent, RecallPlus can show you how long your child has spent studying, how he or she is progressing and what he or she does and does not know, simply by consulting the Study Progress Graphs and the Revision and Testing window.

We will support you...

We provide the best support available of any software you care to name, including instant online chat and phone support. We are Sydney based. If you are calling from a different time zone, we are happy to 'call you back', if you drop us a line or email us a time and a number to call (please include international dialling codes and your timezone or city of residence).

Install RecallPlus for your child and try it... there is quite simply no downside to giving your child this chance...


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