Voice Recording Functionality - when you know you will remember better if you hear it!

Learn faster With RecallPlus study software by enhancing your study with our voice recording functionality!! Sometimes the way you know you can remember something easily is to get a time honored 'ditty' happening for a given thing.

If you have something that you keep forgetting... try adding a little bit of sound to 'shock' yourself into remembering it !!

RecallPlus can easily record your voice, just click the sound button at the bottom, then click the record button, YOU ARE ON .... stop recording, and OK and you are done...

If you want you can edit your sound, cut, and paste sound bits that you have recorded!!
(NB as of 7/05 this is only able to be done prior to save but this will be updated)

As you can see... 20 seconds tops and you have sound added !!

Play it back with a double click on the new sound icon in your notes!!

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