Reseller Agreements (Program and Content)

Since RecallPlus is less than 4 years old and therefore still in it's infancy as far as widespread use is concerned, we are happy to provide VERY generous renumeration for those willing to promote RecallPlus in their area.

The following is a general guide to the shape of the agreement that you will enter into should you become a reseller. The specific terms of the agreement with you will be entered into the final document signed.

Typical 'commission' is expected to be 25% of a given sale goes to the person responsible for introducing the product to the user concerned.
In circumstances where you are providing/coordinating local support that we cannot give*, in addition to simply promoting the sale itself, it would be acceptable to increase this as high as 50% in exceptional circumstance*, but you will need to review our training for the support role you are engaging in, and be certified, before you take on this added responsibility. This will not be an issue if you are a student who has already been using RecallPlus for some time, but we expect will nevertheless highlight some functionality which you are bound not to be aware of.

Identifying sales which are to be 'attributed' to you.
Methods we might use to identify users who you have introduced RecallPlus to include:
  • Users in your area can be identified at the time of sale, and assuming there is no-one else in your area doing a promotion, we can 'attribute' those sales to you.(see below for comments regarding exclusivity).
  • You could send us a list of the names of the users who you have promoted RecallPlus to
  • For large groups who you choose to promote RecallPlus to, we suggest you inform us ahead of time that you are doing this, and we can actually provide you with Credit Keys to sell, which will then be monitored.
  • If you are in a non english speaking country and wish to aid us by converting RecallPlus messages to the language you speak, provide technical support in that language locally and promote the program in your country of origin, we are happy to come to an arrangement with you where for a certain period of time ALL sales in that country will be attributed to you and a VERY generous percentage of the sales will be paid directly to you. Please email us to see if your country is already represented...
    NB you will need to be 'up to date' with our training package for this (so that you may provide knowledgeable support).

  • Payment methods

    Payment to Reseller

    The percentages mentioned above are to be understood to be 'pretax', gross amounts.
    Direct bank transferes minus any applicable taxes that we are required to pay on your behalf is the preferred method for us to renumerate you.

    Payment by User

    The payments by the users will be made as usual via the RecallPlus website.

    The taxation law in different countries varies...
    for details on the law that applies to you,please email us.

    Promotional materials

    We are happy to provide you with promotional material as you see fit.
    There is a Directory at RecallPlus, which provides documents that you may wish to print off to hand out.
    We can also provide professional printed CD's with the Setup Program and explanatory flash presentations - these have been quite successful in creating understanding of the benefits of RecallPlus, and of course therefore encouraging sale.

    Area Exclusivity

    We are happy to arrange for periods of time, to have particular areas considered to be exclusively claimable by a particular reseller. For example a student or group of students may wish to manage their own promotion at a particular university.
    Typically the Reseller will be given a 1-2 month trial period to start with only, and if successful, longer periods of time will be negotiated.

    During the time that the area exclusivity applies, other Reseller requests for the same area will be declined.
    Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of this and wish to check your area.


    The product will be sold at the website recommended price irrespective of the Reseller concerned. If that reseller then wishes to offer part of his/her commission as a refund, that is an agreement which is wholly the responsiblity of the Reseller concerned.


    Termination agreements for various reseller arrangements will be negotiated at initiation of the agreement. In the event of no agreement being signed, the default is that either side can withdraw from the agreement at any time but must give notice of this before it takes affect.


    The parties will try to resolve disputes arising in a spirit of cooperation without formal proceedings.
    Any dispute which cannot be resolved in this way will be subject to arbitration upon written demand of either party. Arbitration shall take place online or in Sydney, Australia or a 3rd location if both parties agree. Arbitration shall follow guidelines of the American Arbitration Association.

    * Higher rates depend on what you will be providing in the way of support. Particularly applies in areas where RecallPlus Team cannot easily support the product ourselves for now... typically locations that are remote from where we are physically located, or the language spoken is not English. Please Email us to ask regarding your region.
    Support is HALF of our job, so this is not a giveaway and you will have to expect to effectively become part of the team!. Please contact us anytime if you think you are able to do this!