I am going to study the way I always have

Standard Scenario

You are a little stressed about study

You start making your notes as this is an important subject for you.

As you make more and more notes, you wish you had structured them in a different way and could easily edit them. They are getting disorganised. Finding things is becoming a problem and re-organising them is going to be a matter of writing them out again from scratch... which you might or might not have time to do.
You certainly will not be able to usefully revise from these notes after this exam.

You have heard that drawing diagrams is a good way to learn. Your your notes consist of pages and pages of written notes. The words just blur together on the page, you wish your notes were more exciting. There is no sensory stimulation when you look at your notes - no sound, no visuals.

You study for long periods but are not sure if any of the information is going in and it is difficult for you to REALLY know what you do and don't know. You should take study breaks at optimal intervals, but frankly you forget and keep trying to study. Your efficiency is dropping off, but because you don't have any feedback, you don't notice the wasted hours when you are really not taking it in.

When you test yourself, you sometimes frighten yourself when you find you have forgotten something that you thought you learnt. After all you did "study" it 3 times!!
When you do revise, most of your time seems to be spent looking at things which frankly don't need revising as you remember them already... your excuse is that you have to look over all these unnecessary things, looking for things you don't know !! Obviously you cannot remember what you don't remember!!

Attempted Fix...

Despite the fact that you have been "studying" for years, you may not have ever been shown how.
You decide to do a study course or do some reading about learning.

Afterwards you find there is no way in which to record your ideas, and the associations between them, in the way that the memory experts suggest you should.

You slip back into your old ways of doing things as much out of habit as anything. You are back to square 1.

Ok show me what the alternative is...