RecallPlus Study Software - Organize your time up to an Exam with RecallPlus Expert Edition!

Lots to learn? Limited Time... review your time needs up to an Exam !

This study simulation Window allows you to choose when your exam is, how you are going to use your time... and can then show you what will happen

Chapter List

This is the list of subjects that the system assumes you are studying up to the study completion point.

All of the assumptions are based on this being ALL you have to study, so make sure it includes all you have entered to date, and that anything you have not yet entered, is reflected in the '% yet to be entered' percentage in the middle.

Hours to spend studying

This is the number of hours by day of week, that you can devote and will devote to study of the chapters outlined in the chapter list PLUS the material that is 'yet to be entered'. Make sure this accurately reflects the time you spend with RecallPlus studying.

Percent of time remaining to spread new revision topics over.

If you are thinking that you have made only 1 5th of your notes so far, and 4/5ths are still to be entered... then this percentage is how much of the remaining time before the 'study completion date' that you are wanting to spread your new material learning over.

If you want to be ultra ready for the exam, you will set this to zero, which means that every study moment at the start of the study period, when revision is not required, is to be devoted to completing the notes.

The alternative is that, if on a particular day, you have made notes on the things you had allocated yourself to do, then the rest of the 'study time' for that day, will be spent doing either revision or rest only... i.e. once you have entered the amount of NEW material you wished to for the day, you then stop entering new.

Example: If you have 3 months until an exam, and you set this to 66%, then 1 month out from the exam, the simulation will have simulated you having all your new material entered into RecallPlus, leaving only revision to do from that point.

Study Completion date

This is the date you want to ultimately say... you are ready... suggest you set this to before the exam date by at least a week to allow for the unexpected!

% of Notes complete vs % yet to be entered

At any point in time during the study period up to the date when you wish to have your study completed by, the odds are that you will only have completed the entry of a certain amount of the final amount of NEW MATERIAL that you wish to.

If you have 3 books to study, and you have studied and entered notes into RecallPlus about the first one only... then you should enter 33% Notes completed, and the system will therefore set 67% yet to be completed...

The simulation will look at the time you have left before you want to have completed the entry of new notes, and split what it calculates the absolute amount remaining over the days.

Time required for Tasks - Test 1 Idea

This number is the number of seconds that the system has seen you take to revise 1 association and idea.

This is typically less than 10-20 seconds as you will typically KNOW many things already when you revise.
It is essential that this be an accurate number, and so check it at the start of the simulation to make sure it is reasonable.

It is calculated based on the number of ideas you have revised, divided by the number of seconds you spent in testing mode revising them.
If you click the 'actual' box, the data comes from what RecallPlus has seen.
If you do not have the actual number, you can enter a number that you think is appropriate for you.

Note Well: even small changes to this number make a big difference to the simulation.

Time required for Tasks - Create 1 testable Item

This time is the number of associations you have produced divided by the time you have spent studying.

Time spent studying is time that you were not testing, and the system is detecting activity.
1. Editing text.
2. Clicking on the background of a card.

If you are someone who uses RecallPlus to do things other than study... e.g. planning, then this number may appear quite high... as it is counting time that may have been spent just planning and so forth.
You may then have to 'Reset' all the times (use 'Reset" in the Revision and Testing window) and then do some dedicated study for a time, to get this number.

If you click the 'actual' box, the data comes from what RecallPlus has seen.
If you do not have the actual number, you can enter a number that you think is appropriate for you.

Note Well: even small changes to this number make a big difference to the simulation.

Review Forgetting Curves and the Forgetting Curves Table

Forgetting curves table is a summary of the results you are seen to be getting depending on which 'interval index' and which 'time segement' you are testing in.

The 'Interval Index' is the number of times you have previously tested an item and correctly recalled it (in excess of forgotten). So if you enter a note, and remember it correctly 3 times during 3 different tests, you will then have an interval index of 3 for that item.

The time segment is a reflection of how 'overdue for testing' an item is. The longer you leave an item beyond when it is due for testing, then the more likely it is that you will have forgotten it. In this case, RecallPlus divides the 'time overdue' into a number of segments, and in higher segments, you chance of recollecting that extremely overdue item, are lower.

The default curves for RecallPlus are purely guesstimates... and should not be used other than to get an extremely rough idea at the start of testing this functionality, of what it is all about.

Forgetting curves vary markedly between individuals and for different subjects etc, depending on a variety of factors.
They will also get 'better' with continued use of RecallPlus, simply because your ability to learn, improves with practice.

After you have studied for a time, including testing yourself, you should change over from the 'default' curves to the ones that RecallPlus has observed you to be performing along...
The more you use RecallPlus, the more accurate it's predications of your time use will be, because the forgetting curve data will more accurately reflect what you yourself are like.

Graphical Reports

Click here to review the graphs that you have produced with your simulation run... and to produce a webpage format report if you are happy that this is what you are going to do with your time!

What the study report can tell you

What study results can it show you?

Example report

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How it works

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Limitations of the Simulations and what we suggest.

What are the limitations of the simulation?