RecallPlus Study Software - Checkout your forgetting curves and use them in the Expert Edition to predict study outcomes!

What are Forgetting Curves?

Forgetting curves are a graph of the amount of information that a person remembers after he/she is shown some information, against time. Basically it shows a person forgetting more and more of the information they initially learnt, as time goes on. Forgetting Curve with one exposure to information

What happens to my forgetting curve when I Revise?

When you revise information a second and subsequent times, you progressively forget more slowly. This is why you notice that when you revise you get better marks. Interestingly it is important to wait some time before you do subsequent revisions for maximum benefit of a revision. This effect is known as the Spacing Effect.

Forgetting Curves with revisions = better results!

When does RecallPlus revise the information in the Cards of notes?

RecallPlus makes revision take place at intervals that are increasing in length, as recommended by studies of the spacing effect. Spacing effect guides the study revision intervals in RecallPlus Notetaking and study software

What information does RecallPlus record - what remembering forgetting information?

RecallPlus observes you studying over time, how often you remember and forget, related to how many revisions of a given piece of information you have done, and how 'overdue' that information is for testing.
Information for example, after first viewing, is due for first revision at 10 mins (to make sure it did not go in 1 ear and out the other). If you revise it at 11 minutes, then you are revising at 10% 'overdue for testing'. Ideally that time is zero, but in the real world that is never the case. Obviously the more overdue for testing it is however, the more likely you are to have forgotten it.

Hence the following graph... which is what you see when you review the RecallPlus forgetting curves. Forgetting curves recording percentage forgotten vs time overdue for testing - used to predict study time needs in RecallPlus notetaking + Study software
This is 1 forgetting curve vs percent overdue.
In RecallPlus we record a forgetting curve for each interval index (where the first revision is the first interval, and the second revision ... e.g. 80 minutes is the second interval - and second graph).

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What the study report can tell you

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Example report

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How it works

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Limitations of the Simulations and what we suggest.

What are the limitations of the simulation?

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