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Limitations to the Simulation

There are a number of limitations to this simulation..
Below are described the major ones.
This product is designed to improve student ability to predict their study time needs, however we cannot guarantee precision.
Generally the longer you study with RecallPlus, the more accurate it will become at predicting as more data is available to extrapolate forwards in time.

Limitations and how to allow for them.

  • Forgetting curves are at the heart of the simulation. They are only as accurate as the data they collect from the user studying with RecallPlus. We suggest you check them to make sure that they reflect your study habit, and are not filled with data from your use of RecallPlus prior to study proper.
  • Note that forgetting curves may change in a number of circumstances including change in user interest in study, change in user study efficiency, change in subject and a host of other possibilities. We expect the major change should be that continued use of RecallPlus should improve student study technique, leading to more impressive forgetting curves.
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  • Other figures including - hours/day, Percentage of Notes yet to be entered must be entered accurately.
  • Please make sure the time per new testable item/idea added does in fact reflect how long it normally takes you otherwise this can be a source of simulation error.
  • Please make sure the time per tested item/idea added does in fact reflect how long it normally takes you otherwise this can be a source of simulation error.
  • It is possible to learn things with RecallPlus, and in exam conditions, be unable to use that information. This is best avoided by making sure your RecallPlus notes accurately reflect the 'triggers' that you are presented with in the exam proper. Duplicate exam conditions whereever possible.
  • Time that you spend altering old 'cards' of notes, to make them more memorable... because you first attempts failed to make them stick, are unfortunately not simulated. You are to be encouraged to re-do your way of remembering something as soon as you find you are consistently not getting something to 'stick', during the study process... don't wait until just before the exam, and find that you STILL cannot remember something as you did not make up a worthwhile way to learn it first time. For tips on making things more memorable, please refer to the Memory toolbox in RecallPlus

What the study report can tell you

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Example report

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How it works

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