RecallPlus Study Software Expert Edition.
What your study time use report can tell you...

Use RecallPlus, then tell it how you are going to study up to exam...
Let it tell you what will likely happen!!

Make sure you have the time AND change things early if you don't.

What it can tell you...

  • Whether you have the time to learn your material in time for the exam.
  • How much of the total exam material you 'KNOW' on a given day (as opposed to what you have made notes on).
    i.e. if you were examined on your RecallPlus notes - what mark would you get?
  • How much time you are going to need to spend revising, day by day.
  • Whether you are going to need to devote more or less time per day/week to study.

If you turn out not to have enough time... then you can see what you need to change, in order that you DO have enough time!

Example report

See a copy of a report that RecallPlus Produces.

How it works

*Click Here* to see in detail how RecallPlus calculates your possible study futures

Limitations of the Simulations and what we suggest.

What are the limitations of the simulation?