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To take advantage of this simulation to predict your time needs, you need to know how it works!

Steps the simulation goes through... details...

The problem that everyone faces when an exam is coming is that if they do some study and work out how fast they are going, vs how long until the exam, they can then work out how long until they finish making notes
BUT they cannot work out whether they will have that material IN THEIR HEAD or not.
Specifically learners have trouble tracking how long it will take to get the information into their head AFTER/ALONG WITH, the making of an appropriate set of notes to learn with.

RecallPlus on the other hand, tests you on your notes, and is able to see how often you get things 'right' and 'wrong' at various time intervals. Therefore an appropriate extension of this information collection process, is to 'be you' up to the point of an exam... forgetting at the same rate under different circumstances as you have shown you forget, and making sure more time is devoted to revision as appropriate to you...

Basically what RecallPlus expert edition now does, is it uses the gathered information about how often you forget, and then runs through, 10 minute period by 10 minute period, all the way up to the exam, doing what you have already shown it you do, and seeing what happens.

Basically the key things it takes into account to make its predictions include:-
1. How long does it take you to add 1 piece of information to your notes and how much of your notes have you yet to add = time taken to finish your notes from here...
2. How often do you forget information, under different circumstances...
        The program watches you test yourself, and notes how often you get things right and wrong after different intervals, and then during the simulation, when things become due for revision, it 'gets things wrong' at the same rate that you showed you were doing in real life. If in 1 weeks time you are due to revise x,y and z and 1/3 of the time you have been seen to forget something, then the simulation marks you 'wrong' on 1/3 of the questions, and makes 1/3 of the pieces of information due for revision in a shorter time, than the rest.
3. When you test yourself, how long you take to test each piece of information in your notes... so for each item it is re-revising... as above, the system re-revises later, expecially those things it simulated you getting wrong... and adds the time you use up...

It is important to understand that the simulation includes 'randomness'. It does the same things as you 'on average' but actually does them randomly.
Therefore each time you run the simulation, it will 'be you' in a slightly different way. The thing is that each time it is run, the results will nevertheless be similar to last time... and you will see a pattern emerging... specifically you may notice... that most of the time the simulation finishes making new notes AFTER you had hoped it would... and you may be running out of time OR you may find you have time for more revision than you thought... and so decide to factor in some extra reading....

It is important to understand also that the parameters we setup together to do the simulations are crucial to the outcome... slightly changing some parameters can change things significantly... especially if things are tight for you.
To checkout these parameters in more detail checkout Controls Explanation

The system cannot reproduce your study habit, and simulate your possible future until it has seen you study!
You do need to enter some of your notes first... and RecallPlus tracks how long it takes you to add each piece of information. Suggest you actually press 'reset' if you have used RecallPlus for other than study purposes, so that RecallPlus then knows to start counting your time use again... with you actually studying this time...

You do need to do some testing of yourself... the more you do, the more accurate are the tables RecallPlus will use to then plot out your future time use.

You do need to check the values being used when the simulation is setup.
see Controls Explanations.

Once you have entered and for e.g. tested yourself on 1 chapter of say 14 chapters, you then fill in the controls like so... put 'percent of remaining time to spread...' to say 60%... so you learn your material in minimum time... you have entered about 7% of your notes (machine calculates 93% still to come during the remaining 60% of time until the exam). check the time required for tasks ... test 1 idea and create new idea (testable item) values are reasonable.

When you press go, the system then starts tomorrow, from midnight minus the number of hours you allocated for studying on Monday, and tracks your time use using those parameters... and gives you a report.

If you then re-checkout the simulation after 2 chapters you will find it gives a more accurate prediction, as it has the advantage of having seen twice as much of your learning/study characteristics as after you did the first one. The more time you spend with it, the more accurate the predictions will become.

Of even more importance is that the more time you spend learning with RecallPlus, the better you will become at learning... as the constant feedback will, like any skill that you get good feedback on, improve out of sight!
We would expect that a typical user will exceed their projected study outcomes per the report on average because the improvement in their study over time with RecallPlus will result in their forgetting curves becoming more favourable (and they forget less).

What the study report can tell you

What study results can it show you?

Example report

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Limitations of the Simulations and what we suggest.

What are the limitations of the simulation?

How it works

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Image of study simulation 'setup window'
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This study simulation Window allows you to choose when your exam is, how you are going to use your time... and can then show you what will happen