So what are and who has great 'study skills' ?

For now, we are going to assume the definition, that ultimately the person who comes out at the end of the exams with the best mark broadly has better study skills that someone who doesn't.

Having good Study Skills implies you actually have many component skills - the easiest way to get students to apply all of them is to have a coach to help them whenever they are ready to study. RecallPlus can be that coach!

Skills described frequently include:
     'notetaking skills',
     'memory skills',
     'time management skills',
     'study habits' and 'study methods',
     'revision skills',     --- groan !!      :-)
     'specific exam preparation'

Use of visual memory and visual learning techniques as a study skill

If you look at a typical student and compare them to a successful student, the successful student is much more likely to be deep into producing drawings and diagrams in his/her notes.
See results of Research 2004.
It is well known that use of diagrams such as concept maps etc increases learning by about 10-15% compared to an average student's notetaking methodology.
For this reason, a series of excellent software programs have popped up, that specialise in producing diagrams that improve memory.
Students who use them have been proven to learn faster.

RecallPlus study software is like a super version of a concept map program --> designed to heirachically manipulate sets of diagrams - effectively a set of notes!
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Notetaking skills - Notes you can revise for exams for are important!

Taking notes about information you wish to learn, in a way likely to aid subsequent memory and revision is central to exam success.

Organising those notes for later use so that you can find things more easily and know what you need to concentrate on can sometimes be quite a chore, and is why people are moving to using computers, rather than paper for their notetaking...
See results of Research 2004.

RecallPlus study software allows you to apply the level of organization to these diagrams that you feel helps you the most - drag and drop sets of diagrams from one place in your notes to another.
Easy searching for later use.

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Good 'Time management' should be part of your study method.

This is a very broad term, so let us narrow it down to meaning how much time you spend studying during semester vs time spent studying during exam season.
What you do with your time AS you are studying.

Links - Time Scheduling
Links - Where does time go...
Links - More Time Scheduling

RecallPlus gives you time estimates of how long you will need to study the content you have entered - see how much time you really need!
RecallPlus study method includes showing you graphs of what you know well, vs what you know less well.
Expert edition will also show you simulations of how much time you will need between now and the exam you are sitting including for notes you have NOT entered into RecallPlus yet!

The latest released edition of RecallPlus - RecallPlus Expert Edition, uses data it collects watching you study including your very own forgetting curves, to simulate your study time needs up to an exam.

It will give you reports that can tell you how much time you REALLY have!.

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Optimized revision - study methods advocated to minimize revision with maximum learning!

How students should revise optimally is the subject of debate... but internationally, there is agreement for various principles known as far back as the 1980's.
The core one that is known about, and roughly recommended but never used by most students, we are going to refer to as the 'Spacing Effect'.
Briefly it refers to the fact that the optimal way to revise a given piece of information is to space your revisions at an increasing interval. e.g. revise what you have just learnt within 1/2 an hour, then at the end of the day, and then at further, increasing intervals.
Here is a link to information on the forgetting curve, the spacing effect, and optimizing revision..

Rather than researching it yourself and then trying to track your revision yourself, why not let RecallPlus minimize your revision for maximum learning!
RecallPlus applies optimal revision theories to your study notes and will revise with you again, the information as it becomes due. This is very quick compared to the situation where you leave it too long, forget it and then have to relearn it!
Let RecallPlus organize your revision and you will have to do less revising AND know the information better.

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Peripheral habits which affect how much you learn when you are studying for exams

     Location and environment
     Methods for motivation
     Keeping yourself physically healthy
     ... many more

RecallPlus gives you suggestions during break times, about how to motivate yourself, how to make study fun, how to keep yourself physically ready for study and what sort of environment you need.
RecallPlus is there when the student needs it... which is mostly when there is no teacher/parent around!

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Study methods you use for memorizing things.
Memory tools you might use - NB per recommendations from the memory champions

     Memory Masterpiece
     Journey methods
     Story methods
     Peg methods
     ... more ... checkout the memory toolbox

1. RecallPlus teaches you these techniques.
2. RecallPlus was designed from the start to allow their application to everyday study.
3. RecallPlus' tips make further suggestions.

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How you practically apply these basic tools to the actual tasks you face.
(many people cannot make the link between tools like the peg method, and using them in day to day real life tasks)

e.g. If you check out the Memory Toolbox, you will see that in fact the simple peg method is virtually useless in actual real life tasks compared to the other tools, in particular the story and journey tools.

The average student is unable to change what they see as 'memory tricks' into actual useful changes to their study techniques.
The more you use RecallPlus the way it is supposed to be used... the more students find themselves gravitating to use study methods which are recognizable applications of these memory tools.

The memory toolbox gives you examples of how you can apply them to some circumstances, and we are happy to offer you further immediate help if you cannot see how you can apply them to YOUR real life memory tasks.

RecallPlus' memory toolbox, is designed to aid you to change what you learn about memory champions, into your study habit.
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Preparation once you know the specific layout / testing style that will be used for an exam

Different preparations are needed for different styles of exams (e.g. written answer verses multiple choice are extremely different to study for)
As implied, the most obvious differences are between multiple choice, written and open book exams.

With multiple choice you need only be able to Recognise if something is correct or not, so the key is to read as widely as possible, and do less revisions.
With written exams, depending on the style of the exam, you will have to typically do more checking to make sure that the information that you have read is something which you can then recite or work with, than in multiple choice. You should therefore do things like actually test yourself on your material.
With open book exams, a mixture of the 2 is required... and you must know the things you are taking into the exam backwards.

No matter which type of exam you are looking to pass, past papers are invaluable, and should be done from early in your study period, to the end, so that all the way along, you have checks to make sure the things you are doing are both relevant, and useful.

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Environment for study is very important.
Guidelines - see Study Environment Virginia Tech .. is excellent.
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