Tablet PC Corner

At RecallPlus we consider that TabletPCs are likely to be the computers students choose in the future.

Largely due to TabletPCs overcoming what have been the major problems with using a keyboard-based computer in a learning environment. Through the use of a pen with the tablet, rather than paper, the proven advantages of using study software are now unencumbered.

Problems with keyboards include:-
1) Taking notes from a book or in lectures is awkward.
2) It is difficult to draw with a mouse.

If you are using a mouse and keyboard, you need to either transfer your notes from the lecture notes to computer later OR you need to make boring text only notes in lectures.
This is far from ideal as we know we have to use diagrams, drawing and doodles more if we are to take full advantage of our visual memory.

Using a pen on the screen of a TabletPC gives all the advantages of paper AND the advantages of computer assisted study!

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Tablet PC Functionality

The RecallPlus Team has released the Tablet PC linking functionality. Any feedback is welcome.

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