As an Educator I will encourage my students to try out RecallPlus

The Situation before study skills are upgraded...

You are interested in helping your students as much as possible.
Like all your peers, you are aware you are up against a couple of problems with an average student group...

A number of your students are stressed by the possiblity of failure.
There are those who don't expect to do well and don't want to aim high for fear of failure.
There is also a group who are not really interested, and need some sort of 'hook' to get them over it.

In addition, most of your students have never been taught how to study.
If you had more time you know it would do good to teach them how to learn and study BEFORE they start learning... but you have the syllabus to teach, and limited time and budget to teach it in.

You are planning to do the best you can with the significant skills you have, but are looking for any new ideas to help improve this always challenging situation.

Better Situation - study methods implemented - confidence builds...

With RecallPlus' help you can be working with students who...
1. Have discovered that anything they want to learn they can.
2. Dare to plan what they want to do with their lives (without fear of disappointment).
3. Possibly were not interested in the subject initially, but 'this RecallPlus program is interesting' - so lets see...
4. All see you as someone trying to help them and not one who is threatening them with exam failure.

You will find that you give the students some significant processes or things to learn and can expect to be pleasantly surprised that they learnt them... leaving you all able to move on to the next level of use of that material.

The Difference RecallPlus study software can make

The shift your students experience from earlier doubts to later confidence occurs because of your enthusiasm for the topic, your teaching skills AND you enlist a little FREE help from RecallPlus which is there anytime your student is interested in study or improving their study (in particular the majority of the week when you are not there).

Creating situations where failure is not likely to occur - so that students self belief is encouraged, is one of the jobs of a good teacher. RecallPlus makes it difficult to fail to learn.

Snapshot of your students - more detail - what happens when they use RecallPlus.

You realise that if the student actually uses even 1 of the 10 ways RecallPlus improves study, that that will be enough to improve things.

Since Educational Experts suggest that RecallPlus can be used all up and down the cognitive spectrum from learning simple facts to learning high level processes for synthesis and evaluation of information, you can use it for most of your material.

You never again have to start a semester trying to reassure them that the exam won't be that hard OR saying don't worry, you won't be teaching them................. as learning ability is no longer the issue.

A Small but Significant Change

You find out about RecallPlus by spending a half hour reviewing the animated demos.
Go to a FREE introduction OR practical demo of what its learning advantages are.

THEN you make your small, easy but important change !!

Let me see what other possible options there are ...