How was RecallPlus developed?

The Story behind RecallPlus

RecallPlus was born when Adrian Ternouth, a medical doctor, decided to sit his Emergency Medicine Speciality Exam in 2001.

The preparation time required for such an intensive exam is usually between 9 and 12 months. Adrian, however, didn’t want to miss spending the summer on Bondi Beach, and so he began to take a close look at various study methods in the hope that he might be able to streamline his learning and sit the exam with a shorter preparation time.

Adrian soon came up with a list of ways in which his previous study methods were deficient and resolved to improve his study skills and techniques so that he could learn faster.
The first thing Adrian realised was that faster learning was simply not possible with paper notes alone. Some of the new techniques, like optimizing breaks and revision, and re-organising his notes as he added more information, were simply not going to be able to be efficiently done using only paper. As a result, Adrian searched for software to do the job better.

Adrian actually found quite a few programs, but none which would assist him in the most efficient and common-sense manner, and none which would allow him to set out the information he was studying in the way he really wanted to remember it. For instance, he found some concept-mapping programs - but these did not allow him to make a whole set of notes easily or help him revise. Then he found some flashcard programs, but while these allowed sets of questions to be entered, they were limited in their structure: they had to be in a ‘Question & Answer’ format, which did not allow for a whole diagram of multiple answers.

Ultimately, Adrian wrote himself a program which combined concept-mapping AND flashcards. This combination was completely unique because it stores sets of concept maps, tests the student on them, and then revises that testing regularly based on the results of the student’s previous tests!

So unique was this program that Adrian got through his Emergency Medicine Speciality Exam with a shorter preparation time than was thought possible.

In fact, so very unique was this program and so great was Adrian’s own success using it that Adrian patented the product and has spent his spare time since 2001 making the program available to students all over the world.

Many high school and university students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) now use RecallPlus across Australia and internationally.

Why don't YOU become someone who learns the value of learning faster with RecallPlus BEFORE you waste lots of your study time!

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