Upgrade to new version requires uninstall re-install to sidestep problem below.

RecallPlus Crack or Warez or Serial Number Problem - notes lost

The problem of cracks of RecallPlus being attempted has taken an unfortunate turn lately which has resulted in many hours of RecallPlus team time trying to help out those caught by a cracker or crackers producing a malicious crack which seems designed to make users actually lose notes quite some time down the track from installation.

We DO have sympathy for those students who are financially strained and who have been caught out by this 'pretend crack' (please see 'summary' below). We have tried to help them re-gain their notes. We have been unsuccessful so far unfortunately and we are not sure exactly what has happened but the students themselves have told us that in fact it was not the 'real' RecallPlus that they were using. The cracker(s) responsible for this problem version of RecallPlus are not helping us nor themselves and we request that they please remove their products from the net as soon as possible.

Usually Cracks of software are not an issue, because honest people who want to use the program will purchase anyway, whereas those who are seriously close to the breadline or other, would not have purchased... so it is not money lost that could have been spent on development.
This situation however is not the norm.

While we appreciate that users have a limited money supply, to continue to support RecallPlus' development we ask that you not try to 'get around' supporting us by attempting to use the 'almost' cracked/modified versions of RecallPlus available.
They are not uniformly trustworthy and users have lost months of work using them.
We have found/been sent 'pseudo' cracks (not including those that are simply a virus called RecallPlus simply designed to infect your system), that can appear stable for long periods before you lose your data... we are not sure of exactly how this is done, nor the motives of the people who write this bizarre crack type, but they don't seem too good.

Since RecallPlus has taken years to write, AND we wish to keep honestly delivering you the best service we can, please do not come to us with your lost notes after the fact as we have found we cannot help if it is related to these 'cracks'.

If you are the person who has produced the 'almost' cracked version of RecallPlus and you know how it is that the user's notes are altered making them inaccessible, we would appreciate your help, even anonymously, to try to regain those notes for the students concerned. They are the victims here. 'Thanks' if you can help out.

1. If you have some particular reason why you think you should be given a free copy, we would rather give it to you than have you use a crack and then lose your notes.
Usually we can come to some fair arrangement with you.
2. Many cracks out there will turn out to be simple viruses that are entirely unlike RecallPlus and may be caught by your virus scanner if it is up to date.
3. Suggest don't put your valuable study notes into those claimed 'cracks' that are not viruses, as you risk losing it AND we cannot be responsible for that situation AND our experience is that we are not able to re-gain your lost notes should you choose to use those cracks.
4. Please be a friend of ours and support the continued user driven development of our (yours and our) study software.

The RecallPlus Team