What is special about RecallPlus concept mapping?

Traditional concept mapping programs are fairly inflexible: they are generally constructed on the assumption that one file is one diagram.

As a result, traditional concept mapping programs do not allow for complex, multi-layered and multi-linked concept maps, or for whole sets of notes and diagrams to be created on one topic. Traditional programs also don’t allow the student to be tested on their diagrams.

RecallPlus is special because it does allow for the creation of complex, multi-layered, multi-linked concept maps. RecallPlus also allows for whole sets of notes to be created on one topic and in one file, rather than forcing the student to create one file per diagram. Further, RecallPlus organizes the revision and tests the student on the concepts they’ve mapped using to up-to-date timing methods.

Finally, unlike traditional concept mapping programs, RecallPlus allows students to add sounds and other distinctive elements to their concept maps as part of their personalisation of their study technique.

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