What is special about RecallPlus’ flashcard-based testing program?

Traditional flashcard programs are unfortunately very restricting in their structure in that flashcard programs can typically only manage information in a binary fashion.

That is to say that flashcards can typically only manage information in a simple ‘question-and-answer’ format: “the answer to Question A is B”. This does not allow for complex questions and complex answers, such as “the answer to Question A is a combination of B and C plus D”.

RecallPlus is special because although RecallPlus uses a flashcard style to test students, the information being tested is laid out according to the concept maps and not simply in a binary fashion. This allows for complex questions and answers, and students are tested on the full breadth of the information in their concept maps.

In addition, in the testing process, RecallPlus will follow exactly the student’s concept map layout – using all of the distinctive elements the individual student has built into their notes to trigger their recollection and revision.

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