Why are concept maps important in studying?

As we have established, a concept map is a diagram of an idea. This is important because research has shown that human beings tend to learn more information when it is presented visually. Thus, well-organized and visually appealing diagrams are very important studying tools.

Another important thing about a concept map is that the concept map has an organic structure: it has no fixed shape or size, and no two concept maps are necessarily alike.

The organic nature of the concept map is derived from the fact that each person visualizes ideas in different ways. As a result, if five people were each to map the same concept, each concept map would probably be different from the others however slightly.

The importance of the concept map in individual study is that each student makes their own concept maps. As a result, each individual lays out their study in a way which makes the most sense to them, and which therefore is best for their own learning!

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