About RecallPlus
RecallPlus is Study Software which was first written in 2001, to aid the passing of an Emergency Medicine exam by a medical doctor.

That medical doctor went searching for how to learn/study faster... and came up with a series of ways he wanted to improve his study technique. The story of this study software is one where, quite simply, it was written of necessity, since there were no other tools out there to do the job.

General Educational software falls into 2 catagories.
1. Visual organizer/concept mapping/presentation software - Excellent for making visually stimulating diagrams.
2. Revision/Flashcard software - Excellent for revision according to scientific principles, of simple question/answer type structures.

Also there is software which is designed to teach specific things such as mathematics, rather than being a general study tool - Excellent for subjects where the content is very well defined - e.g. mathematics or a language.

RecallPlus is and was an attempt to combine the advantages of concept mapping with the advantages of typical Q-A testing/revision techniques that the flashcard software was strong at.
It also gives general study tips, tracks your revision and gives you estimates of your study time needs.

RecallPlus allowed the passing of a medical exam in a short time where otherwise it may not have been possible.
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RecallPlus is the ultimate way to encourage students to combine all the optimal learning and study methods in their day to day study for exams WITHOUT having to go and do all the research on Study skills.
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Overview - What is RecallPlus?
RecallPlus is affordable
Story behind RecallPlus
Differences between editions
Example chapters from RecallPlus
> Easy to use and install
> Drawing tools to create diagrams and colour code
> Easy search facility
> Program-initiated testing and self-testing options
> Ability to import text and graphics
> Affordable for students
> Quick key functions; take lecture notes straight into laptop
> Study break alerts at optimal intervals
> Free technical support