Improve your Memory

What are the limits to Memory - what should I be aiming for?

You cannot fill up or overfill your memory.

Memory feats that have been achieved include:

Memorising a deck of 52 cards in less than 35 seconds.
Learning more than 70 digits in a row, when presented them digit by random digit at one second intervals.
Learning exactly entire religious texts (especially prior to written records, this was the method for retaining them and has since been proven to be accurate).

... and there are many more relatively unbelievable feats, which prove again and again that we generally underestimate what we are able to do if trained to use our memories correctly.

How do I improve my memory?

This is a question that many courses and books are devoted to but the key points are covered easily.
One such resource is the Memletics website and their manual for better learning.

Please don't just read this material. Just reading it is like paying for a gym membership and then not using it.
Successful people take the first steps to doing it immediately!

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Principles involved in Remembering More:-

Look after your body.

Have a reason to learn and get motivated about it.
Get your concentration as you start - get into the right state to learn - interested, and relaxed.

Use the principles that improve retention of material...
--Work out the overview of the information first. If you do not have a feel for where this information fits into the overall subject STOP, get it, THEN fill in the gaps.
--Use the Power of Visual Memory
--Use Imagination and Visualisation using multiple senses.
--Use of Associations including use of Pegging,Chaining, Acronym and Loci techniques.
--Mind Map and Concept Map style notetaking.
--Use Flashcard style revision techniques - NB the Forgetting Curve and the Spacing Effect.
--Take breaks to take advantage of Primacy and Recency Effects and the Zeigarnik Effect .

There is EVIDENCE for most of the above techniques in scientific literature. Click on the appropriate link above to check it out.

For more tips on Remembering... see this article from Virginia Tech.

Don't forget to practice regularly.

Link to a series of mnemonic tests that illustrate the principles
Click here

Please check out the FREE memory toolbox that comes with RecallPlus.