The Memory Toolbox

The Memory toolbox is a collection of study information (a literary work in progress) in the RecallPlus Program. It is divided into 'Tools', 'Tasks' and 'Exercises' designed to help you get the best study results when using RecallPlus.

Some of the information is summarized below...

What are the tools?
The Journey, the Story and the Peg Memory tool are amongst the classic memorizing techniques used for memory mastery.

What are the tasks?
The problems most students find after they have learnt what the tools are... is actually USING them...
Unless you can apply these apparent 'memory tricks' to real life tasks, then they are exactly and precisely useless to you.
RecallPlus study software is a practical tool ideally suited to let you actually use these tools in your real life task of 'learning for this exam'. Please look at the tools, and then adapt them to your tasks at hand, and make notes in RecallPlus that reflect how you remembered things.

The memory toolbox 'tasks' shows you examples of the tools being put into practice when applied to learning names, faces, numbers and MORE.

Why exercise?
Memory recall needs to be exercised, rather like going to the gym. By using the memory exercises, you can see examples of how it is that the memory could be used for the practical tasks you might have for it.
Quite frankly the best exercise you can do for your memory is to study with RecallPlus... you will improve your ability to learn out of sight... even if you choose to NOT use RecallPlus for your real life tasks, the 'training'/'biofeedback' that RecallPlus will give you, will result in memory improvements that you may not have considered possible.

For more information download the Free Evaluation Version of RecallPlus to see the full Memory Toolbox. This includes details on the following topics.


The Power of Location and the Journey Memory Tool
Story Memory Tool
Peg Memory Tool
Acronym Memory Tool
Making up your own methods.


Learning Dates.
Learning Names.
Learning Numbers.


Some practical tests and example answers using the tools on real life tasks.

RecallPlus and the Memory Toolbox

RecallPlus is not as useful to people who don't know how to learn, as those who do.
It is in our interest and the user's best interest therefore to have as much information about optimal learning theory as possible at the user's fingertips.

Hence the memory toolbox and tips in addition to the automatic improvement in study efficiency due to RecallPlus' improvements.