What is RecallPlus? - Overview

RecallPlus is a program written specifically to help students learn faster using optimal learning and study methods in their day-to-day study time.

Before RecallPlus there was no way to apply the latest learning theories in your day-to-day learning.

RecallPlus was initially written by a doctor studying for a specialty exam. He decided to 'learn how to learn' by reading about 'study skills', and found that if he wished to learn optimally, he really needed something more...

There was simply no way he could apply all the techniques for better and faster learning without ongoing help!! At that time, before RecallPlus, there was no software to help - concept map programs could not test the student and revise and were not designed for whole sets of notes. Revision optimizing programs (e.g. flashcard programs), did allow sets of notes BUT were visually boring and limited.

He needed a system that used the best study skills to get him through that exam fast - so RecallPlus was written!

To find out more about the history for RecallPlus, read about why RecallPlus HAD to be produced!

RecallPlus is study software that can be used to create and organize study notes, and is the only study software that actually tests the student. It is the optimal combination of a number of types of programs that enhance study!

RecallPlus is like a super version of a concept map program --> designed to heirachically manipulate sets of diagrams - effectively a set of notes!
  • A method for taking notes the way you actually think - a study method with diagrams/concept maps - rather than conforming to a wordprocessed/paper based notetaking style.
  • Easy Images and Drawings - quickly cut and paste of images into your notes from any other source, draw straight onto the cards in your notes with immediately available graphical drawing tools.
  • Easy sounds - Record your own voice as an MP3 (have a sing along!) or import sound files so that you have sounds to go with your interesting, image filled diagrams!
  • Your sets of diagrams/concept maps can be arranged heirachichally in a 'knowledge tree' so that you have any amount of structure you want!
AND like a super version of a flashcard program
  • Tests you on your diagrams/concept maps thereby giving you feedback on how your study and learning is going.
  • Tracks your results and then tests the things you are weak on more, skipping revising things you don't need to - saving you time as part of the study method.
  • Shows you what you know and don't know, in graphs - feedback before you sit for your exams!
  • Gives you estimates of how long you are going to have to study for to revise the material.
  • The constant feedback allows you to refine your study skills... like getting your time at the end of running a 100 meter race... the feedback lets you improve!
  • The feedback avoids you spending lots of time when you are NOT learning, but not realising it! You have no time to waste and RecallPlus study software makes sure you are not wasting your time!
AND offers the advantages of computer notes over paper notes
  • Easy editing with copy/paste of elements on pages/cards of notes
  • AND the ability to drag sets of diagrams from one place in your notes to another!
  • Simple search facilities
  • Input of any file type into RecallPlus notes - stored in RecallPlus structured way.
AND is also a learning tutor!
  • A system which teaches you how to learn and how to study through it's tips
  • AND memory toolbox which offers memory tools --> real life memory tasks --> and memory exercises

Basically, you will learn more efficiently by upgrading your study technique by using RecallPlus

Some ways RecallPlus study software improves study skills....

Why is RecallPlus effective?
Study organizer
Visual stimulus
Power revision
Self Testing at optimal times
Radical Study Breaks