The Story behind RecallPlus

The idea for RecallPlus was born when Dr. Adrian Ternouth decided to sit his Emergency Medicine Speciality exam in 2001. Knowing that the general preparation time for such an intensive exam is usually 9-12 months, and that he did not want to miss out on Summer at Bondi beach!, Dr. Ternouth decided to investigate how to learn and study more effectively in the hope that he might be able to sit it in a shorter amount of time than everyone was telling him he would be able to.

He soon came up with a List of ways in which his study was deficient and resolved to improve his study skills and study technique, so that he could learn faster.

Unfortunately after only a short time, he realised that he could not do it with paper notes.

Some of the things required, e.g. optimizing breaks and revision, and the ability to re-organise his notes as more information was added to old, were simply not going to be able to be efficiently done with paper.

Dr Ternouth then searched for software to do the job. He found some concept mapping programs - but these did not allow him to make a whole set of notes easily and nor did they help him revise. He found some flashcard programs, but while these allowed sets of questions to be entered, they were limited in the structure as they had to be in question and answer format, not a whole diagram of answers.

Ultimately he wrote himself a program which combined the two types of programs and patented the unique combination - a program which stores sets of concept maps, which tests you on them, and revises the based on the results of previous testing!.
RecallPlus' early counterpart got him through that exam when others told him it was not possible.

Many senior school, tertiary, undergraduate and postgraduate students now use RecallPlus across Australia and internationally.

We suggest that you learn the value of RecallPlus BEFORE you waste lots of time on inefficient studying, rather than after!