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Download.com - Awarded 5 Stars
A modern study aid with real advantages, RecallPlus is a boon to students. First you focus on your notes, creating a set of diagrams containing text, connection arrows, colorful felt-tip-pen graphics, and hyperlinks.

The built-in Gatherer tool allows you to add data you find on Web sites, in e-books, or from other digital sources.

Then RecallPlus tests you on these notes, asking questions at intervals based on the best practices of memorization.

Access to any opened chapter or card is easy through the simple interface.

The tutorial brings you up to speed on this versatile tool in only 20 minutes. When all is said and done, we recommend RecallPlus to anyone looking for a study boost.

Tucows.com - Awarded 5 Stars

Student Testimonials

I have been using Recallplus for a year now to help me study for university exams.
In the first session I only used to prepare for one exam and that was the only subject I got a distinction for.

Acting on that success I used the program and Recallplus principles to help me study for all of my subjects in the second session and I received distinctions and high distinctions in all of them. I am not a natural computer person, so it took a long time to work out how to use the program efficiently, but now being more confident with it I can't think of a quicker or more concise way to prepare for tests and exams.

Nicole Pedler (Arts-Law student - Sydney University).


I am a third year medical student at Sydney University. I started using RecallPlus last year, in preparation for the second year exams. My course requires us to learn large amounts of information, and ideally to have that knowledge readily accessible in the future. As a study tool for those exams, I found RecallPlus useful in two ways:

1) Initially entering the information I had to learn was an effective way of revising two years of lectures and tutorials.
2) Once the information had been entered, I used Test Mode to cover the material again. This helped me to identify areas I knew well so didn't have to cover again, and areas I had problems with so needed to spend more time on.

This made my revision quite efficient, which was important given the quantity of information I needed to go through. This year I am using the program slightly differently.

1) I am summarizing topics as they arise, and
2) I am referring to the notes I made last year as a reference for any topics we are going over for a second time. This is more useful than going back over textbooks again since my notes are a summary of the textbooks, with the information I feel I need to know extracted and set out in a way I find memorable. Often referring to these old notes reminds me of how I learnt the topic last year, and I don't have to start thinking through a concept from the beginning again, and
3) I have another exam at the end of this year. Rather than leaving all my study to the end of the year, I am now revising regularly. Often when there is a lot of material to learn it is difficult to know where to start, but I can use the Test Mode in RecallPlus to find topics I haven't looked at for a while, or that I remembered particularly badly last time I looked at them.

I don't find studying easy! My approach to study in the past has been quite vague and haphazard, and I know a lot of the information I have learnt has been lost soon after the exam. RecallPlus has given me a structure to study with and a method to approach studying difficult or large topics, which at first appear quite daunting. It has also helped to me to have confidence that the information I am studying is likely to stay with me for longer. If you have any further questions about how I use RecallPlus please feel free to contact me.

Ann Craig (Medical Student)


To whomever it may concern,

My name is Nathan Cooney and I am a student studying Medicine at the University of Sydney.

I have been using the Recall Plus software designed by Dr Adrian Ternouth for the past few months. By using this program I find it very quick and easy to make notes on topics of medicine that I will need to know for formal examinations as well in my future career as a doctor. The feature that I find most useful in the software package is the self-assessment mode. It is an excellent tool for revising and learning all the topics I have made notes on.

It is the most effective way of learning that I have found to date. I have allowed time to use this program as part of my regular study schedule and I now find it an invaluable tool. I believe that I will use the software not only whilst at university but I think it be very useful as a database of notes that can be referred to when I start practicing medicine and as a study tool for post-graduate exams.

Yours sincerely,
Nathan Michael Cooney (Medical Student)

Educators Testimonials

RecallPlus' creator, Adrian Ternouth, has given me a demonstration of the software and my belief is that it would be a highly effective study tool for my students at Sydney Girls High School. Our students are highly motivated to revise their schoolwork each night. The Recall Plus program allows the students to structure their notes using their own words and 'memory hook' graphics, thereby giving the students ownership of their study which I believe will lead to improved learning.

Our students respond well to the challenge of testing so the self-testing feature makes this a very attractive program. My initial assessment of its applicability was to data/ fact/ rote type learning, but on reflection I believe students could also use the program very effectively to work through scenarios/case studies/ problem solving subjects as well. I am anticipating that our students will really enjoy using Recall Plus as it gives them a structure to work within as well as space for their personal creativity.

Yours sincerely,
Wendy Herbert
Head Teacher, Technology (Sydney Girls High)


17 April 2003

I am familiar with the soft ware developed by Adrian Ternouth, which is marketed under the name "RecallPlus". I have trialled it on a number of occasions, and found it to be very efficient.

I am preparing to market a teaching course at present, and am keen to use this program as the primary form of distribution. The features that interest me are the ability for the students to test themselves, and their ability to add to the notes if they wish. This allows them to use it as a combination of external teaching aid and their own notes and revision.

I am happy with the in built security system, and the methods of acquiring payment that the program uses. I am also very keen on the copyright protection that this format offers me.

Yours Sincerely
Dr Tatiana Lowe (MBChB, FACEM 4.10 pending) (Medical Doctor - Specialised Emergency Medicine - Teaches Emergency Medicine groups)


RecallPlus is a flexible educational tool that is useful for learners of any discipline, and is ideal for medical students on problem-based learning courses. It encourages essential learning activities grounded in modern cognitive psychology: self-directed learning, adaptability to suit students' learning needs, and frequent testing of knowledge. Computer educational programmes are increasingly being used by students as their preferred method of learning and will undoubtedly play a major part in the future of higher education.

Dr Chloe Baxter (BSc MB ChB MHPE) (Medical Doctor - Masters in Education)

Education Expert Testimonials

RecallPlus is a useful tool when learners are faced with volumes of
specialised terminology to memorise (eg. scientific names, foreign languages and symbols) or complex and relational concepts. The program gives learners the opportunity to construct their own contextual or graphical memory links or represent knowledge using mindmaps or diagrams. Ranges of tools within the program afford the user flexibility and creative licence to build meaningful associations that aid memory recall.

Caroline Steel
Educational Designer
Faculty of NRAVS / TEDI
University of Queensland Gatton


I have evaluated the above software and would like to make the following comments. This software is unlike any other software in the educational market at the present time in that it allows students to utilise and store course content and information in a unique manner that fosters learning and recall.

Not only is it useful as a tool for objective learning but also is also useful in the constructivist learning environments that are currently being developed.

This sort of software encourages students to take possession of their own learning environment and also encourages reflection and processing of information.

I think this software has great potential and I look forward to encouraging its use within the current suite of programs which we are developing for the post graduate market

Valerie Powell
Educational Designer
Rangelands Australia
The University of Queensland
Gatton QLD 4343