Remembering Dates and Diary Items

Why would I want to do this

There will always be times when you do not have your organiser with you!

Peg methods that are most useful for remembering when something is going to happen.

You might wish to use the constellations as month pegs... as animals are particularly memorable items.
You might wish to use some other system where you have pre-remembered 12 pegs.

Then use a number peg system (where you have a list of items that you have linked with 0-31 days of the month) to remember the date.

If you wish to remember what day of the week that is, you would simply add a 7 peg system for the days of the week and add that.

What you do once you have these 3 peg sets working, you simply make up a story to associate the item to recall, with the 3 items in 1 story!

The Method of Loci and remembering what is happening on a given day.

Again this method relies on a two tiered peg system but the fixed peg items are locations either in a place or better still along a journey that you have taken.
Specificially you should, prior to starting, decide on a journey which has 31 specific locations in it.
Before you start you should be able to mentally jump to any one of the 31 locations quickly and efficiently.

After you have chosen your locations, as you have probably already summised, next you simply need, each time a new event is to be memorised, to associate that event with the location.