Memory Masterpiece.

What is this all about.

The point of this is that if you get practiced at quickly but VIVIDLY individually remembering things and associations between things, then you can get by with less revisions of material later, and yet still recall it.

The idea of a masterpiece is that your memory should be a detailed work of art that captures the item you are trying to remember, but also beyond that is further modified into something startling to your memory.

How do I make a memory masterpiece.

If you are trying to remember something, for example a person, look at their face, notice the lines of it, the color of their eyes, the line of their cheekbones, nose and jaw.
Hear the type of voice they have, is it loud, soft, commanding or unique in some way?
Notice all the things that make them what they are... personality, the way they move, etc.

The obvious reason why capturing this detail is good is that, the more associations you have in your head about a given thing, the more likely when scanning your memory later, to be able to find one of the links to take you to what you want to find.

To practice this step so that it becomes stronger, try actually drawing an item you are looking to recall. Look at it's details, then look away while you try to capture as much as you can from your memory of what you saw. Only after you have exhausted your memory, then look back at the item to find more details to add to your masterpiece.

Once you have finished this exercise on paper, practice doing it without the paper. In social situations like a party, try to notice the details of what people are wearing, how they behaved.

Find a partner, and do it together, either testing each other, or explaining to each other at intervals what you have noticed.
See what your partner noticed. See how much you can add to your awareness with practice!!
(This exercise can open your eyes to many things!!).

Ultimately, if you can notice the minutiae, you will remember things better.

The finishing touch.

To really make something memorable, you might throw in your imagination and sense of humour into the equation.

Try imagining putting the item e.g. someone you have met, into a funny or awkward situation, or into odd clothes or alter their facial characteristics as a cartoonist does.

For example, if someone strikes you as being shy, imagine putting a microphone under their nose, dressing them up in garish colors and putting them up on stage to try to sing a song or get pelted with fruit!!!
Imagine people chanting that person's name as they squeek out a few verses. Really hear it!!

I doubt you will forget their name or characteristics now that you have a masterpiece with humour!